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Custom Lighting Installation in Crownsville, Annapolis, MD and Surrounding Areas

Brighten and upgrade your Crownsville or Annapolis, MD home this winter with a custom lighting plan designed for you by the professionals at K&H Electric. Recessed lighting is a great and affordable way to add style and value to any room in your home or workplace. With available interest-free financing, we are ready to take your home or office to the next level. Call (240) 440-4718 or (302) 900-1388 today to book your free in-home consultation with our lighting installation professionals serving Crownsville, Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas.

Ask Our Experts About Lighting Plans in Crownsville, Annapolis, MD and Surrounding Areas

Lighting installation is a difficult task that requires an expert hand. Homeowners and businesses in the Crownsville & Annapolis, MD area trust K&H Electric to do the job correctly and exceed expectations. The lighting professionals at K&H Electric can help by:

  • Designing your new recessed lighting plan and integration
  • Offering interest free financing
  • Increasing the safety and aesthetic value of your home or business

Let the lighting specialists at K&H Electric make your home as beautiful and inviting as possible. Call (240) 440-4718 or (302) 900-1388 now to schedule your first consultation.

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