Need Electrical Repairs in Annapolis or Crownsville, MD?

K&H Electric is your go-to local electrician

While you may be able to handle minor home repairs and installations, you shouldn't take on electrical work. Electrical components can be very dangerous if handled improperly.

That's why you should hire K&H Electric LLC for your electrical repair and electrical installation services in Crownsville or Annapolis, MD.

We handle a range of electrical installation and repair services, including:

Basic interior work like installing new lighting fixtures and wall sconces and updating kitchens, bathrooms or cabinets.
Exterior work like landscape, backyard or patio lighting and adding motion sensors for security.
Pool and hot-tub related electrical work like sub-paneling, wiring, circuits, lighting and more.
Electric-vehicle charging installation for our eco-friendly clients.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your electrical needs.

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Why you should choose K&H Electric

We stand out from our competition in many ways, such as:

  • Having 10+ years of electrical experience
  • Being locally owned and operated
  • Being qualified master electricians for Delaware and Maryland
  • Having the ability to work with all types of electrical brands and models
  • Providing interest-free financing options
Get in touch with us soon to learn more about our electrical repair and installation work.