Why should I hire K&H Electric LLC?

We are family owned and operated and treat our customers like family. Our principles of positive, high-quality interactions with you do not stop there. We want to give back to our community which is why a portion of all installations that K&H Electric performs goes back to helping good causes.

How many years of experience does K&H Electric LLC have?

With over a decade of experience, our licensed and insured master electricians have seen it all! To discuss your electrical repair needs or schedule a service upgrade, call today and speak with a master electrician at (240) 440-4718.

Why Do My Lights Flicker?

It could be a faulty bulb that is going out but it could be an indication of a larger, more serious wiring or electrical issue. In this situation, it is best to rely on the experts to assess the situation and keep everyone safe!

Can I DIY Electrical Repairs?

While not uncommon for homeowners to want to tackle their own electrical issues, at K&H Electric LLC, we recommend bringing in the experts because unlike a handyman or homeowner, we have undergone years of training and certifications to make sure the work is done properly and safely! To save yourself time, money and stress, call our electrical experts today at (240) 440-4718.

What can I do to lower my electric bill?

There are several factors involved regarding your electrical bill. By having K&H Electric LLC assess your system, we can discuss upgrade options and more efficient systems that are now available on the market.

Do you install generators?

Yes! We install generators designed to last. Our electrician will take note of the size on the home, your wattage requirements and overall budget to discuss the best option for you and your property!